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Tree Service in Windsor, Ontario

Are you still in search of the best tree care contractor in Windsor, Canada? Your search is finally over. Windsor Tree Service offers superb tree services throughout the town and its surrounding areas. No one provides tree care, the way Windsor Tree Service does! Whether your tree has overgrown limbs or is infested with insects, or suffering from a disease, we can help you prevent the situation from getting worse. We work with competent arborists who have skills and knowledge in a wide range of tree services, including:

Like most tree companies in the area, our team works with trees of all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to worry about thinking that your tree is too small or too big because we cater to them all and provide the same excellent results. As one of the industry’s finest tree services, we are equipped to perform any tree-related services with your safety and convenience in mind. 

Your landscape trees are great investments that will enhance your property’s aesthetics and value. It is essential to ensure these investments are given the care they need to keep offering the same benefits as they grow and mature. Outsourcing experts in tree care is not only a smart move but also a practical one because it can save you money in the long run. 

Windsor Tree Service delivers affordable yet reliable and high-quality tree care that will bring the best out of your landscape trees. Do not waste another minute or resources– call us today and discuss how we can help you and your trees.

The Most Affordable Tree Removal Service in Windsor

Close up picture of our crew cutting the limbs off a tree with a chainsaw in Windsor, OntarioWindsor Tree Service will perform tree service, especially tree removal, at a rate that will make sense to you. No matter the reason behind the tree removal, whether it is for beautification, safety, or you simply want more space in your yard, you can count on us to perform the job right. All of our tree experts are trained to tackle even the most dangerous tree removal service there is. In our over ten years of extensive experience in tree care, we have seen almost all species and types of trees that thrive in the region, which is why we are confident that we can provide the first-rate tree service that you deserve. 

When eliminating a tree, we believe that our client’s safety should be number one. For this reason, we make sure to observe safety protocols set by reputable organizations in the tree industry. Apart from our in-depth knowledge of tree service, we have secured proper documentation for a license, insurance, and bond for our client’s peace of mind. We never go to a site without making sure the tools are clean and maintained. We wear the proper gear for our protection and for the efficiency of the task. 

Our dedicated team is ready to eliminate any dying, dead, or damaged tree in your yard. You don’t have to wait for the worst to happen. You can depend on Windsor Tree Service to provide affordable solutions to your tree removal needs at your most convenient time. We are also available to offer help when you face emergencies following a storm. We will remove the problem and bring back the beauty and peace in your home with our state-of-the-art equipment and skills. Give us a call today and allow us to handle your tree removal concerns before it gets out of hand.

A Great Company for Tree Services

We pride ourselves on our capacity to deliver exemplary tree care services and maintenance. Homeowners and commercial property owners can always rely on our tree specialists to offer well thought out services, including tree trimming for the benefit of their trees. A lot of people only see tree trimming as an aesthetic tool, but in reality, it does more than keeping the tree beautiful. Aside from making your trees look manicured, regular trimming assist trees in growing correctly and healthily. With trimming and pruning, you can make sure your tree is free from insect-infestation and diseases that can cause its demise down the road. 

Windsor Tree Service is committed to offering comprehensive care for all tree species living in the region. We will make sure that what we do to your tree will not only beneficial to one but your entire landscape. Well-maintained trees are not only pleasing to the eyes but are also safe to keep. You are saving more when you invest in your tree’s overall health than paying for the damages and injuries you incurred because you neglected its wellness. Call us now, and we will tell you how we can assist you with your tree trimming concern. 

Superb Stump Removal ​​

Picture of our stump grinder being used to remove a large stump in Windsor, OntarioStumps may be the least of your priorities until they become home to dangerous pests. At first, stumps may look safe and ordinary, but they can be the source of your stress later on if they are not addressed. Windsor Tree Service uses two ways to remove a stump. One of which is to remove it by digging it out and using a backhoe to pull it along with its root ball. The other technique is to use our top-tier stump grinder to process the stump into wood chips until it is no longer visible on the ground. 

You don’t have to wait for a decade for the stump to rot completely. Let us take care of the remains of your tree while you attend to your daily activities. Keep in mind that stumps are eyesores, but more importantly, they can cause accidents, especially to unassuming children playing around the yard. We have seen lawnmowers get damaged after accidentally hitting the stump. These situations are not far from reality if you choose to keep the stump sitting on your landscape. With our safe and efficient stump removal technique, we can assure you it will be gone in no time. 

Windsor Tree Service will efficiently eliminate the stump leaving your lawn looking its absolute best. Our highly trained tree care specialists will see to it to work with your best interest in mind. Whatever the type, size, or age of the tree stump in your yard, you can count on us to get the job done fast and safely. Contact us, and we will tell you how we can help you with your stump removal concerns. 

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Reliable Emergency Tree Service

Picture of a tree on top of a house that fell over due to storm damage in Windsor, OntarioHigh winds and storms can cause major damage to trees. In situations like these, it is never recommended to attempt to carry out cleanup without expert assistance. Life-threatening situations may present themselves in broken branches, uprooted trees, and downed power lines. Emergency tree service is a job for a professional tree contractor like Windsor Tree Service. 

Our company makes sure to be available 24/7 to attend to your emergency needs whenever they occur. We are proud to be the first company to arrive at the scene to provide immediate response and restore the beauty in your yard. Removing storm-damaged trees require skills and expertise to ensure the task gets done quickly and safely. We will analyze the situation thoroughly and devise a plan that will best suit the needs of your trees and the entire landscape. We may require the use of our first-rate equipment to complete the job, but if you are uncomfortable with heavy machinery, we can always manually carry out the task. 

What Sets Us Apart from other Local Tree Services?

We understand that we are not the only tree company in town. There are hundreds of tree care contractors in the area, and all of them promise quality and affordability. However, we believe that we are one step ahead of our competitors because of our dedication and qualities reflected in our work. At Windsor Tree Service, you can expect: 

Excellent customer service

From the time you walk in or give us a call, you will get only the best customer service you can ever imagine. We are certain that our customers trust us because we not only provide top-notch results but treat them with the utmost respect. 

Skilled, Trained, and Licensed Professionals

We are highly qualified to perform all types of tree care services, including trimming, pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, and storm damage cleanup. You can depend on our certified arborists to assess the real condition of your tree, so we can give it the right treatment it needs to thrive. All of our licensed professionals are more than willing to provide you with an in-depth consultation to help you decide on the future of your trees.

Safety First!

Whatever the kind of tree service you require, safety is of great importance. For this reason, you should only look for the most qualified tree company to provide competent and first-rate tree service that you can rely on. Windsor Tree Service works with some of the best arborists in town and operates with high standards and guidelines set by tree care authorities. At Windsor Tree Service, your safety and best interest are on top of our minds. 

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Even though our service is not the cheapest option there is, we are confident that the result is worth every dollar you pay. We will make sure that all aspects of tree care are accommodated and accounted for. When we are done with our job, you will be happy to entrust your tree care concerns to us. 

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