Tree Trimming & Pruning

Reasons for trimming trees and shrubs range from standard maintenance to safety. There are different outcomes depending on the approach and end goal you have in mind, but all aim to ensure the aesthetics and health of the tree in check. Windsor Tree Service can offer the best solutions to your tree trimming and pruning needs with our up to date techniques and safe practices. Always remember that every tree requires unique treatment for it to thrive in the years to come. Our certified arborists know exactly what your tree needs to live long and healthy despite the harsh weather and other surrounding factors. 

Our team will make sure to remove deadwood, damaged, and broken limbs that may put you and your property in danger. Tree care is our middle name, and we know how to take care of them like a family member. We consider not only the condition of the tree but the landscape as well to ensure no tree gets impacted throughout the process. 

Windsor Tree Service has been providing excellent tree service since 2010. Throughout the years, we never fail to impress our clients with our mastery of our craft and our skills reflected on each outcome of our projects. The next time you require help with your tree trimming needs, call our professional team, and we will come to the rescue. With our state-of-the-art equipment and specialized skills, no tree is ever too hard for us to treat. 

The Art and Science of Tree Trimming 

We employ the highest standards provided by the Arbor Day Foundation in all our tree trimming undertakings. Aside from a systematic trimming approach, we make sure to follow safety guidelines to keep everyone in the vicinity safe from harm. You can rest assured that our expert trimmers will only do what is advantageous to your tree. Windsor Tree Service is proficient in trimming and grooming trees to guarantee an overall positive outcome. 

When you contact us for help, we will set an appointment to assess the overall condition of your tree and determine the goal you want to achieve. We will use this opportunity to create a plan that will benefit the health of your tree and decide which branches should be eliminated. Our friendly staff will discuss with you the method we will use to carry out the task and make sure you agree to everything before we leave for the day. Please don’t hesitate to let us know your preference when it comes to the excess wood and wood chips. We can either haul them away or leave them for you to use in gardening. We will then offer a verbal quote immediately followed by a written one from our main office. 

You can trust us to offer an estimate that is transparent and reasonable. When you agree to the terms, we can decide on a date and time to perform the job. Our team is typically composed of a primary trimmer and at least two ground crew members, who will take care of the debris and waste from the process. We will begin from the top branches, going down. All the large branches will be cut into smaller portions for your convenience. We always bring our chippers to feed the smaller twigs in them and turn them into organic mulch.

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